Mighty Gunvolt Burst Review (Switch/3DS)

Inti Creates struck nostalgia gold with the 3DS eShop series Azure Striker Gunvolt. From the creators of the Mega Man Zero series, both titles were fun throwbacks to Super NES era side-scrolling shooters with plenty of power-ups and challenges conquer that added an immense amount of replay value. The series received a spin-off called Mighty Gunvolt on the 3DS which was to 8-bit Mega Man what Azure Striker Gunvolt was to 16-bit Mega Man. The spin-off series continues, this time on the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS with Mighty Gunvolt Burst. It continues the old school gameplay of the past Gunvolt games with a new twist.

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Nintendo Direct Overview 4/12/2017

Yesterday we got the Nintendo Direct that we were waiting for. Upcoming Nintendo Switch games ARMS and Splatoon 2 were given release dates, but there was much more announced. Click below for a full rundown of all the news that was announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct.

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Mario Sports Superstars Review

When the Mario Sports franchise took off in the late 90’s with Nintendo 64 entries Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, it seemed as though Nintendo had a hit on their hands. Unfortunately as they attempted to reach out to other sports during the Gamecube era, the series dropped in quality quickly. The easy to pick up and play sports games, started getting a little too generic and were a little too simple. In 2013 when Mario Golf: World Tour was released it seemed as though new life had been instilled in the series. Mario Sports Superstars attempts to reinvent the series by bringing back some classic Mario sports (tennis and golf), some that haven’t seen the light of day for a while (baseball and soccer), and a brand new sport (horseback riding). The results are middling.

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