Wishful Thinking: Games We Would Love to See on the SNES Classic, But Probably Won’t Get

With rumors circulating about the announcement of Nintendo releasing a SNES follow-up to the NES Classic, anyone with fond memories of the Super Nintendo is no doubt coming up with their dream list of games to be featured on the unannounced hardware. Given the games that were released on the NES Classic, it’s easy to get an idea of what games would probably appear on an SNES Classic. Games like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past are obvious inclusions, but due there are plenty of games where due to licensing issues or being third party releases, we probably won’t see. Here’s our list!

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I Miss Club Nintendo

It was the summer of 2012. I had gone a long time without playing a new Nintendo title. I had been intrigued by the Nintendo 3DS but had yet to pick one up. What ended up being my last college summer spent at home, was my reawakening to how much I enjoyed Nintendo games. After a string of letdowns from AAA titles on other consoles and Mass Effect 3 still lingering in my mouth, I settled down with the Wii in my parent’s basement and picked up Super Mario Galaxy, and thus began the summer where I spent all my time catching up on the Nintendo games I had missed.

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Ken Lobb: The Unsung Hero of Your Favorite Nintendo Games

As I was reading through this most recent issue of Game Informer, I came across an interview with a man named Ken Lobb. The name was one that I did not recognize, but as I continued reading found myself shocked that Lobb isn’t more of a household name in the industry. Turns out he has had a hand in many of the best games from the SNES and Nintendo 64 era, as a development manager for Nintendo of America.

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Third-Party Support and Online Multiplayer

A little behind on the times, I was finally convinced by a friend to pick up Overwatch for my PC. I had been intrigued by the game since it’s release, but I’d lost interest in online multiplayer a while back. The exception being Splatoon, but since the first Call of Duty Black Ops, I had begin to lose interest in online multiplayer. The onslaught of downloadable content and micro-transactions were making it increasingly difficult for games to hold my attention. Like Splatoon, Overwatch gets rid of most of that making it one of the most enjoyable and easy to pick up online shooters I’ve played in a long time. With the Nintendo Switch potentially boasting a more impressive third party line-up, it has the potential to finally be up to par with other home consoles and PC’s when it comes to online multiplayer.

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What We Want From Splatoon 2

With the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire this last weekend many fans finally got their hands on the much anticipated sequel to Nintendo’s online shooter. When Splatoon 2 was announced fans had many ideas on what they were hoping would be changed in the sequel. Now that we’ve had some serious hands on time with the game’s demo, here’s a breakdown of what we hope to see changed for Splatoon 2.

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