Inti Creates struck nostalgia gold with the 3DS eShop series Azure Striker Gunvolt. From the creators of the Mega Man Zero series, both titles were fun throwbacks to Super NES era side-scrolling shooters with plenty of power-ups and challenges conquer that added an immense amount of replay value. The series received a spin-off called Mighty Gunvolt on the 3DS which was to 8-bit Mega Man what Azure Striker Gunvolt was to 16-bit Mega Man. The spin-off series continues, this time on the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS with Mighty Gunvolt Burst. It continues the old school gameplay of the past Gunvolt games with a new twist.

The Azure Strike Gunvolt games found our hero Gunvolt fighting the Sumeragi Group with his septimal powers. The main draw of the game was that Gunvolt had plenty of weapons and customizations available to him and instead of merely shooting his enemies he could tag them. Once the enemies were tagged, Gunvolt could through electricity, fire, and water at them to defeat them from a distance depending on what loadout the player chose. The more tags and hits the player could get while avoiding enemy fire raked up crazy combos that impacted your final score at the end of the level.

In Burst, the script is completely flipped. Here you want to activate your special burst power, as close to the enemy as possible, so those that were used to firing from a distance will have to find a brand new strategy here. Once I got used to the new Burst system, I blasted through the game’s levels trying to get the highest scores possible while trying out the different weapon customization options (some of which borderline on too much).


The game’s biggest downfall is that it is a little too easy to blast through all the levels, without really learning much about the weapon customization. This was a similar issue with Gunvolt 2; the game added a bunch of new customization options but didn’t really tell you about them like the first game did. The main game itself was also a lot shorter, with the addition of a secondary character meant to pad the game’s length. I was actually about halfway through Burst when it occurred to me that I hadn’t even bothered to look at the customization options. I definitely missed the little bit of grinding that was required to get all the unlocks to make it through the final boss battle in the original Azure Striker Gunvolt.

That being said, for its price tag of $9.99 Mighty Gunvolt Burst is definitely a worthwhile addition to the Nintendo Switch eShop. Given that I didn’t give the second character a time of day in Gunvolt 2, I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed playing through Burst a second time with the secondary character of Beck from Mighty No. 9, and based on what I’ve heard about that game this is probably the most fun you’ll have playing with the character.

Score: 8.0


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