With rumors circulating about the announcement of Nintendo releasing a SNES follow-up to the NES Classic, anyone with fond memories of the Super Nintendo is no doubt coming up with their dream list of games to be featured on the unannounced hardware. Given the games that were released on the NES Classic, it’s easy to get an idea of what games would probably appear on an SNES Classic. Games like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past are obvious inclusions, but due there are plenty of games where due to licensing issues or being third party releases, we probably won’t see. Here’s our list!

Killer Instinct: Developed by Rare, Killer Instinct is an incredibly fun fighting game that was a nice change of pace from Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter II. The chances of this being released on a SNES Classic are essentially zero now since Rare is now developing games for Microsoft and they rebooted the Killer Instinct series on the Xbox One, but it would be a nice surprise.


Super Star Wars series: Back in the days of the SNES a good amount of movie and license tie in games were actually good. The Super Star Wars series is a prime example of this. While they didn’t follow the movies exactly (especially Super Star Wars) they were incredibly fun, but difficult platformers. Making it all the way through Super Empire Strikes back is one of the gaming feats I am most proud of and it would be fun to revisit the series.


Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems : This isn’t so much a game that I have fond memories of, but one that I feel like I missed out on playing. From a time when side scrolling beat-em-ups weren’t as tired as they are now, the game might not have aged as well as some other genre staples, but I would love to have the chance to finally play this game.


Disney Games: There were a ton of classic games based off of Disney films and other properties throughout the Super Nintendo’s lifespan, the most notable being Aladdin and The Lion King, but there were some other entries such as Toy Story that would be fun to play as well. With the recent re-release of the NES era Disney Capcom games on seemingly all consoles but Nintendo consoles, this seems like more of a long shot that I would’ve initially thought.


Star Fox 2: Now a piece of Nintendo legend Star Fox 2 was announced and worked on for the Super Nintendo but never saw a release, as Nintendo focused their gears towards the Nintendo 64. Throughout the years incomplete ROMs for the game have surfaced but in 2015, a complete ROM was released. If Nintendo wants the Super NES Classic to become a bigger deal and even harder than the NES Classic, having it include the first official release of Star Fox 2 would be the way to make that happen.




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